pdf collections

   Little by little through time, I have accumulated on my pc a number of pdf recipes collections dowloaded from the net. Now I thought that I could share this little 'library' of mine with you all.
   Mind you, it is all freely available material, produced by others, and for which I claim no merit for (save, perhaps, that of having spent time surfing the net to find it!). Hence, I'll always include the html address from which it was obtained, or, missing that, some other reference to the actual authors.
    Given the due fairness, I hope I will not wrong anyone by this initiative. However, rest assured that if I was ever to get any complaint I will promptly remove the document.
    I use the occasion to thank all the authors who have had the patience and time to put together the collections I am including here. Some more, some less, I have found them all useful.

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