about me

Hello everyone,
you'll be wondering who I am and why yet again another new foodblog. Well, why not.
I am Alex. I am Italian. No, I am British. No, I am Italian...well, sometimes I get confused myself. For sure, after spending years here and there in Europe I now live in the Monferrato hills of Piedmont, in northern Italy.
I read, cook, garden, pamper my cats, my dog and my friends. I travel when I can and try to work as little as possible (I wish!). I do all of this and more and not always necessarily in this order.
And now, I am here to share some of my passions with whoever might care.
See you around, hopefully in hordes.

P.S. this is a bi-lingual blog: format and contents are susceptible to freely shift form English to Italian and viceversa. Just as it happens to my thinking!

Come and visit me inside my kitchen!

I do not know whether it is just me, but whenever I meet new friends I am always curious to see their home, so as to be able to picture them during their normal acts of life. 
Here then is an invite to my kitchen, a place of frequent social moments, occasional creativity (and the - luckily rare - disaster!).